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Recently, Fort Collins Floral was purchased by Spiro Palmer of Palmer Flowers. Palmer Flowers is a local, family owned business that began in Old Town Fort Collins nearly 35 years ago. Please take the time to view our website, and let us know how we can help!


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Thank you for supporting our local, family owned business!

History of Palmer Flowers:
Members of the Palmer family moved west from Chicago to Denver and Boulder in the early 1900’s. Having learned the flower business from his uncles in Boulder, Spiro Palmer and his wife Angela opened the Palmer House Florist in 1976, a 1,000-square-foot fresh flower store in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado.

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1976 – Palmer House Florist (corner of Olive and College). Spiro and Angela Palmer at front in white.
Spiro had the knowledge and experience to be successful as well as a vision of growth for the future. In 1981 the business name was changed from Palmer House Florist to Palmer Flowers. In 1982 Palmer Flowers moved to a well known 18,000 square foot store located on South College Avenue.


Palmer expanded his business to include silk flowers and home décor in 1996 when Palmer Decorating Gallery opened adjacent to the flower shop.  In 1997, Palmer opened the Palmer Design Center which housed a collection of home decorating stores to provide one stop shopping. The fresh flower shop and gallery combined into an impressive 20,000+ square foot store in 2004, which remains the current main location.

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We appreciate our customers supporting our local, family owned business throughout the years!